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Pentecost 23 – November 12, 2017

                      Text:            Amos 5:18–24                            

Theme:         “Out of the Frying Pan…”


        You know the phrase, “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”  It describes a person jumping from one situation that seems bad into a much worse situation.  It is what we do on a regular basis.  When we abandon the Lord’s Law to solve what seems like an unpleasant situation, we are jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  There are many examples in our world today in which it seems prudent to abandon the Law of God.  His Law is old fashioned.  Our modern society no longer needs his stuffy old Law.  We have unlocked the secrets of the psyche and now understand that all sexual aberrations are not aberrations.  They are just alternate lifestyles.  And bad behavior and sinful choices are not our faults!  Someone damaged our self-esteem or we have a disorder.  No one is held responsible to keep God Law and we are suffering for that as a society.

        For instance, today it is considered normal for people to take one another on a test drive and live together before getting married to make sure they are compatible.  I think that this practice is largely in response to the extreme rise of the divorce rate throughout the last half of the 20th century.  People saw marriage after marriage fail and decided that something had to be done to stem the tide of failed marriages. I agree!  And so does God.  Now we could just look to God’s word and we would see several things:

1.   Marriage is for life, not as long as it is happy or convenient.  Once we marry, unless our spouse physically abuses us or abandons us, we’re in it for life as far as God is concerned.  We might choose to be miserable or happy, but either way it is a lifetime commitment.

2.   Marriage happens when a man and a woman commit to one another for life and they ask for God’s blessings, AND they trust that he will indeed bless what he has created.

3.   Marriage is a mirror of Christ’s relationship with his bride, the Church so if the image is cloudy, there is sin at work so repent and forgive and then DROP IT, just like Christ does for us, his bride, as we repent.

        But it’s too obvious to just trust in God, so we will fix marriage ourselves!  We’ll go on countless test drives, living as though we were husband and wife, which, by the way, are all marriages.  If you live together without a lifetime commitment, you are either committing adultery because you are having sex with someone to whom you are not committed or you are married in God’s eyes and if you end the relationship, guess what?  That’s a divorce in God’s eyes.  So just because the state of Illinois says it was never a marriage because you didn’t pay them their $35, does not mean that God agrees.  A marriage is when two committed people choose to live their lives together for life and consummate the relationship. 

All of that discourse on marriage is just an example of how our society is still doing exactly what Amos’s people were doing when he preached our Old Testament reading 2,700 years ago.  When we choose to make up our own morality to suit our desires to avoid the difficulty of God’s Law, we are jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Why would you have the day of the Lord?

It is darkness, and not light,

as if a man fled from a lion,

and a bear met him,

or went into the house and leaned his hand against the wall,

and a serpent bit him.


This is what Amos was telling his people who were about to be conquered by the Assyrians because of their unfaithfulness to God’s Law.  When you ignore the Law of God to solve any problem it’s like fleeing from a lion only to be met by a bear.  Remember that Revelation calls Jesus the Lion of tribe of Judah! Ignoring God’s Law is like hiding behind a wall in your house only to be bitten by a serpent.  It’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

I used marriage as an example because it has become the societal norm to ignore God when it comes to marriage.  But we could also talk about aborting children who have a disability.  How about encouraging kids to drink at home with their friends because “Hey, they’re going to drink anyway?”  What about tolerating everything that conflicts worship because you don’t need to be in worship EVERY week.  How about going out for a nice dinner instead of giving a nice offering to God because, hey, you deserve a nice dinner.  You’ve worked hard for YOUR money!

Amos could go on and on with us.  There is just no good excuse for ignoring God’s Law.  Is it going to require the Assyrians to sweep down on us before we stop blatantly sinning in the face of God?  What will it take for us to consciously fill our lamps with the oil of God’s love and grace?  I understand that this life presents us with many challenges.  This life is often hostile towards us but guess what?  The frying pan is not a comfy place to be.  It is hot and often painful.  But that’s life in a broken world.  God gives us gives us strength for the frying pan with the cool water of Baptism, the comfort and promise of his word and the nourishment of his body and blood.  That’s enough for you.  That is pure oil for your lamps as you await the return of Jesus for the eternal wedding feast. 

Satan will try to tempt you to believe that the frying pan is too hot…too uncomfortable.  Jump out of this infernal frying pan! You need to think about yourself!  You need to be fulfilled…happy…. Don’t you believe it.  Don’t think for a moment that it is easier in the fire.  All of us in this frying pan are the wise virgins who have kept our lamps full and we will enter into the eternal wedding feast with our groom, the Lord Christ, when he comes.  The oil of his Word and Sacraments strengthens us against any heat of the frying pan and we will overcome every challenge in this life.  Stay awake.  Stay well oiled.  Night is flying and the groom will soon come.